Project Firebird Hero

Project Firebird

Project Firebird is a complex industrial project for Dulux NZ in Seaview Wellington, and has involved a high level of interface and co-operation with the client team in order to construct the new premises around a live operational paint production facility; one that has some of the highest levels of health, safety and environmental protocols in the country.

Commencing in November 2009, the three-stage project initially comprised the construction of a new tank farm and infrastructure upgrade, new water based factory building and the refurbishment of the existing outwards goods warehouse floor. The entire site posed a number of challenges with regard to hazardous waste, underground services and ensuring that at no time did Hawkins disrupt or stop Dulux’s manufacturing plant production.

Stage 1 involved the construction of a new access road around the existing water based paints factory building and the relocation of an existing tank farm including the construction of a 60m pipe bridge between the tank farm and the water based paints factory building. Works were planned to ensure that at no time could the factory not produce paint. To complicate matters further the storage tanks had to be relocated from the existing to new tank farm and no new tanks were allowed for. This was achieved the sequential cross over of tank from existing to new tank farm. This stage of the project was successfully completed in April 2010.

Stage 2 was originally going to see the construction of 3 separate buildings, but upon review with the client it was redesigned as a single consolidated facility creating a large new water-based paint factory building. In this way the raw material and final labelling production lines are housed under the same roof, which is a much better solution for Dulux.

It was critical that during construction the existing production facility remained operational with the exception of a planned two-week maintenance shutdown, that allowed Hawkins the opportunity to install the robot lines and new filling machines. Further to this, the new mixers and dispersers were installed and connected to the existing manufacture lines.

The new factory including raw material storage has been successfully commissioned, and the new factory is producing volumes of paint significantly more than the existing factory.

Stage 3 works included the refurbishment of the existing outward goods warehouse to the demolition in part of the existing warehouse to make way for a new finished product paint store, approx 3,060m2 in size.

During the project Hawkins has been requested to construct a further 2 stages. These are the demolition of the existing solvent based paint factory building including the construction of a new staff car parking facility and the seismic upgrade of the Dulux New Zealand office block.