Auckland Zoo Tasmanian Devil Exhibit

Auckland Zoo, along with Wellington Zoo, Orana Park and two American zoos decided to house ‘Ambassador Devils’ to raise awareness of the plight of the species on a world stage and contribute directly to its conservation. In order to participate fully in the recovery effort, Auckland Zoo needed a purpose built exhibit to be designed and constructed.

Auckland Zoo’s aims:

Orakei Basin Walkway

Auckland City Council’s aims:

  • To create a link for pedestrians and cyclists between Meadowbank and Orakei across the Orakei Basin, via a well-designed walkway that creates value for its owners and the community.

What we did:

Te Wero Island and Eastern Viaduct

Waterfront Auckland’s aim:

  • To deliver the true potential the Auckland waterfront has to offer.

What we did:

The scope of works included:

Wellington Zoo Asia Precinct


Wellington Zoo and Wellington City Council’s aims:

Health and Safety

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Terms and Conditions

Delivering Quality

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Sustainable Action

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Judges Bay Revitalisation


Auckland City Council contracted Hawkins Open Spaces to undertake a revitalisation of Judges Bay Beach in Parnell.

The project involved the site excavation and clearance, construction of a timber pier, boardwalk, pontoons, and toilet block including associated plaza area, services, planting and street furniture installation enhancing the beaches public amenity quality.

Gateway Plaza


Wynyard Quarter comprises approximately 37 hectares of land and almost three kilometres of coastal frontage. Gateway Plaza is situated at the western landing point for the Wynyard Crossing, connecting the Eastern Waterfront with the Wynyard Quarter.