Judges Bay Revitalisation Hero

Judges Bay Revitalisation


Auckland City Council contracted Hawkins Open Spaces to undertake a revitalisation of Judges Bay Beach in Parnell.

The project involved the site excavation and clearance, construction of a timber pier, boardwalk, pontoons, and toilet block including associated plaza area, services, planting and street furniture installation enhancing the beaches public amenity quality.

100m2 of road reinstatement was required around the new kerb and channel where Judges Bay Road meets Bridgwater Road. New asphalt surfacing was applied to the 1200m2 carriageway and car parking area.

The toilet block was constructed from an exposed concrete aggregate floor with 6mm laminated glass and on each side of the glass stainless steel mesh set into the steel frame. Drainage for the outdoor shower and toilet block required 30m of new 25mm PE water piping laid in open cut trenches and 100m of PVC sewer piping laid from the pump station to the new toilet block.

A timber deck was built adjacent to the toilet block around the existing Norfolk Island Hibiscus tree, constructed from 50x50mm Vitex Purple Heart timber. A pre-cast concrete barbeque with a 5mm thick fabricated stainless top was installed for public use.

Four insitu concrete terraces were constructed adjoining the insitu concrete stairs at the northern end of the beach.

Supply and installation of the Vitex timber pier, boardwalk, stairs and pontoons required 90 H6 200 diameter piles drilled into the sandstone to a depth of up to 1500mm deep. The pontoons were off site then craned into the water and subsequently screw anchored into the sandstone. Associated street furniture included stainless handrail, pier ladder, safety signage and seating.

Construction involved one 115m2 rain garden and three wetland swales running along side the exposed aggregate concrete footpath. A raingarden mix of blend of screened sand compost (85%) and loam topsoil (15%) to meet specifications then topped off with 100mm stone mulch to complete the gardens. Planting was required for the raingarden, wetland and across the slope either side of St Stephens’s church steps, this required the relocation of an existing Accent Nikau.

Stormwater and drainage comprised of catchpits, manholes, subsoil drainage, ducts and drainage channels. This required 300m of concrete stormwater piping at 300,600, 450 and 225 diameters, laid in open cut trenches at a depth between 1-1.5 meters and the installation of stormwater treatment and water quality monitoring infrastructure.

The construction works were sequenced in an order to minimise disruption to public road users whilst still ensuring target milestones were delivered by the required dates. Temporary Traffic management was set up to manage site access and pedestrian protection and direction.

During the concrete paving works on Judges Bay Rd the traffic was diverted to the park side of the road while the concrete is being installed. After the concrete was installed and the curing time observed the traffic was diverted to the landowner’s side of the road.