Gateway Plaza Hero

Gateway Plaza: creating a unique access-point to the Wynyard Quarter

Auckland's newest waterfront area, Wynyard Quarter reflects Auckland's gritty maritime heritage in a new, revitalised public environment. The area is going through one of the largest urban regenerations in New Zealand, evolving from an industrial port area that was closed to the public to a place where people can live, visit, be entertained and do business.


Wynyard Quarter comprises approximately 37 hectares of land and almost three kilometres of coastal frontage. Gateway Plaza is situated at the western landing point for the Wynyard Crossing, connecting the Eastern Waterfront with the Wynyard Quarter. 

This project was part of a series of works undertaken along Jellicoe Street at North Wharf, Silo Park and the Viaduct Events Centre – that together formed the first stage of the Wynyard Quarter urban development transformation. 

Waterfront Auckland’s aim:

  • To deliver the true potential the Auckland waterfront has to offer.

What we did:

We were responsible for delivering Gateway Plaza, a large public space, adjacent to the Viaduct Events Centre, featuring:

  • a kiosk
  • seating
  • artworks
  • raingardens
  • tidal stairs down to the water’s edge.

The first phase of construction comprised the removal of the Emirates Team New Zealand building. Marine piles were then installed for the tidal stairs whilst excavation was taking place to form the raingardens. The contract included improvements to Halsey St, installation of basalt paving, custom designed street furniture and the raingardens, consistent throughout the development of Jellicoe St.

Unique challenges:

  • With five separate contracts being carried out by various contractors adjacent to the site, stakeholder and community liaison were key to the successful delivery of this project. We developed a good relationship with the other parties and worked together to maintain access, and minimise disruption, for the public and Sanford Fisheries along Halsey Street.
  • The area is built on reclaimed land containing contaminated soils and mudcrete (with varying stability). As a result sound environmental management was vital. All excavated soil was removed from site and specially handled using certified disposal. We implemented various measures to protect the environment throughout construction including:
    • using a silt curtain during the piling and marine works
    • using the raingarden excavations for sediment and erosion control
    • bunding to filter surface runoff from paved areas.

We consistently scored the highest rating of ‘1’s’ for environmental audits during project.

The outcome:

Gateway Plaza provides Aucklanders, and visitors to Auckland, with a gateway to Wynyard Quarter as they move across a new pedestrian and cycling bridge (Wynyard Crossing) from the Auckland Viaduct. It provides a visual link to the western waterfront from the east for the first time in over a decade.

Gateway Plaza is a destination in itself – somewhere to sit on a sunny day and watch the boats come in and out of the harbour.