Daldy-Halsey Streetscapes Hero

Revitalising the Daldy-Halsey Streetscapes

Auckland's newest waterfront area, Wynyard Quarter reflects Auckland's gritty maritime heritage in a new, revitalised public environment. The area is going through one of the largest urban regenerations in New Zealand, evolving from an industrial port area that was closed to the public to a place where people can live, visit, be entertained and do business.

Wynyard Quarter comprises approximately 37 hectares of land and almost three kilometres of coastal frontage. Daldy and Halsey Streets are two of the three key north-south connections in Wynyard Quarter.

Waterfront Auckland engaged Hawkins to revitalise these streets.


Waterfront Auckland’s goal:

  • To transform Daldy and Halsey streets into pedestrian friendly boulevards that encourage slower vehicle speeds through street side parks and street furniture.

What we did:

This large $20m streetscape upgrade project involved creating a high quality shared space along Halsey and Daldy Streets within the Wynyard Quarter, Central Auckland. The first section of this complex project was fast-tracked to be completed in time for the opening of ASB Headquarters. It was completed in July 2013.

The finished shared space includes extensive tree-pits, paved areas, treated concrete finishes, lighting, service ducting, bespoke street furniture and realignment of the dockland Tramway.

In order to minimise disruption we set up a one way traffic system including detailed signage and on demand temporary traffic lights. This ensured a clear access route was maintained for a range of key stakeholders within the vicinity of the works including the North Wharf Restaurants, Viaduct Events Centre, Team New Zealand, ASB Headquarters and Moana Fisheries.

We created safe pedestrian routes through and around the works using pedestrian barriers and clear signage. We communicated daily with the tram operators which meant the tram could continue to run for a portion of the works. In fact, the construction works became an integral part of the tram tour commentary!

We held prestart and regular meetings with each key stakeholder to understand their specific requirements and to ensure they wouldn’t be surprised when a new phase of works commenced. In addition, we circulated a weekly stakeholder update to all tenants in the area.

Unique challenges:

  • Before the high quality finishes could be completed the works required deep excavation into heavily contaminated ground with tidal ground water. The drainage was to a depth of 5m and the tree pits to a depth over 2m.
  • The bulk of the Halsey North section of the project was undertaken during the wettest May/June in many years. It was also started without final consented design being provided to Hawkins. To overcome these difficulties we maintained very close communication with the designers to enable quick responses to queries. We also lived and breathed the short term look ahead programmes, agreeing targets with each subcontractor and updating progress daily.
  • Significant efforts were made to ensure several high profile key stakeholders’ operations were not affected by the fast tracked construction works. To accommodate Team New Zealand we re-sequenced the works, particularly the excavation of tree pits to ensure that their convoy of 40ft shipping containers could exit their base. These contained boat segments, boat sails and specialist equipment all being transported to San Francisco for the 2013 Americas Cup. A temporary folk lift and pedestrian access was maintained for Moana Fisheries. Pedestrian access was maintained to the new ASB headquarters, giving their employees access to a range of food outlets along Halsey St.

The outcome:

Programme and quality outcomes were achieved without cost overruns, without stakeholder issues and while maintaining safe traffic and pedestrian access.

We’ve helped to create a sense of place by capitalising on a local community’s assets, inspiration and potential. Both Aucklanders and visitors can enjoy a more pedestrian-friendly and greener precinct.