Our Story

At Hawkins we like to think of ourselves as being different.

We consider ourselves challengers and bar raisers.

Each and every one of us is driven by a desire to deliver great projects, regardless of their size, location or complexity.

To us what makes a project successful is what it takes to complete it: partnership, smart thinking, dedication and determination. 

This attitude is shared and understood across each of our four businesses - Hawkins Construction, Hawkins Infrastructure, Harker and our project management arm; the Canterbury Recovery Project. In other words we share the same values, 
and we share the same ethos. 

Everything we do above and below ground helps to build better communities across New Zealand and elsewhere in the world. This is what attracts the very best people to work with us and it’s what unifies us as a team.  

Our clients understand that this attitude defines and inspires us and this is why they want to work with us.  

We’re proud of our desire to build better communities and we think Fred Hawkins, who started the company back in 1947, would be proud of it too.

Hawkins Construction

Big enough to tackle anything, yet small enough to be agile; complex projects are our speciality, underpinned by our empowered approach to Health & Safety.

Our expert teams throughout New Zealand deliver transformational projects including high end, quality fitouts, refurbishments and special purpose projects, ground breaking education projects, modern health facilities, commercial projects and community infrastructure including art galleries, event centres and stadiums.

Our goal is to deliver high quality projects that our clients can be proud of and create a great client experience along the way.

We do this by being forward thinking in the way we go about our work: challenging how things are done and finding better ways to ensure success.

Hawkins Construction

How we
add value

Through a focus on better value through an asset’s life

We can develop solutions to add value through the lifecycle of an asset, not just during the build phase. Our proven whole-of-life approach will deliver more for you and your communities for longer.

Through early collaboration

By being aligned with you, we can deliver a better service. Early collaboration can lead to better value solutions. Our smart, passionate people are always looking ahead, seeking new ways to do things to propel you further ahead.

Through embracing new technologies

We are a modern, high performing organisation, in step with a rapidly changing world and continuous improvement is a core requirement for us. This means that we are always looking to the future, understanding what our clients are looking for and investing in our people and systems; in IT, innovation, communication and training to ensure we can deliver more and better, every day.

Through empowered teams

Our empowered approach to building our teams means that people feel comfortable to share their views and ideas; this leads to true innovation.

Hawkins Construction

Hawkins Infrastructure

Whether we’re delivering on road, rail, water, open spaces or energy projects, they all have one thing in common: the outcome has a positive benefit for our communities.

Our team members are all highly skilled in their respective specialist areas and their experience is transferrable to new projects and new markets.

Greater accuracy, buildability, transparency, quality and shorter timeframes are all part of our approach.

Fit-for-purpose outcomes go hand in hand with better whole-of-life value, which all lead to more sustainable and better-served communities.

We have a reputation, for delivering complex projects in New Zealand. We are now building on this reputation extending our experienced team members and their specialist skills on to projects overseas. Clients benefit from our technical and project management expertise and, by partnering with local firms using local subcontractors to support project delivery, both Hawkins and local businesses benefit.

Hawkins Infrastructure


If you’ve got a tunnelling project or are in need of tunnelling expertise or equipment, we can help.

We're a tunnelling and microtunnelling specialist with expertise in the water, wastewater, stormwater, power & electricity and infrastructure sectors.We've been in business for 35 years and work throughout New Zealand for public and private sector clients.

We offer a range of services, including provision of specialist plant and equipment. We own and operate specialist plant and can procure plant through our international supply chain.

We're committed to providing high-level technical advice, operational excellence and cost-effective solutions. And we're agile, flexible and responsive, which helps us to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. 

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Harkers Underground

Canterbury Recovery Project

The Hawkins Canterbury Recovery Project was established in 2010 to work with IAG facilitating the rebuild process for their residential customers.

Following the earthquakes, the Canterbury region was severely devastated. Hawkins stepped up to be one of the major Project Management Offices helping rebuild and shape the future of Canterbury communities.

We have brought together a diversified, specialist team from around New Zealand and all over the world to help deliver over $1B worth of rebuild work throughout the Canterbury community.

For more information on the Hawkins Canterbury Recovery Project you can view our website hawkinsrecovery.co.nz

Hawkins Canterbury Recovery Project